Script from the Fruits of the Spirit skit





Mindy-grumpy, fed up and ready to give up, wearing old crummy shoes, becomes Gentleness, fuzzy slippers

Alisa-"hippie-like", very calm, very steady, Peace, boots

Debbi- happy, cheerful, full of life, Goodness, flip flops

Nicole- diligent, "business-like", Faithfulness, heels

*All women except Mindy will be dressed to fit their character. The shoes are the important accessory, but it will go with the rest of their outfit.


Somewhere in Mindyís house. A table with chairs around it. The table is covered with papers, dirty dishes, toys, laundry, etc.. The scene should look very messy and chaotic.

Opening Scene:

Mindy enters first carrying a backpack and looking tired. She notices the mess and growls in frustration and throws her backpack on the floor. Mindy begins to pick things up, but stops and throws herself into one of the chairs.

Mindy: (muttering to herself) Oh, my gosh! Just look at this mess! You would think just once I could come home to a clean house-but NO I have to do it all! I get 5 kids ready for school everyday, then I get myself ready to go to college- I canít wait until I am done with that! Then I pick the kids up from school, run them all over Godís green Earth, fix dinner, help with homework and then sometimes go to a night class. I definitely donít deserve to come home to this pigsty! I give up!!!!! (lays her head down)

(There is a knock at the "door")

Mindy: Now What?! Come in!

Alisa enters walking slowly and looking very serene. She is carrying a Bible.

Alisa: Hey Mindy, whatís up? What are you so bummed about?

Mindy: What am I so bummed about??? Are you blind??? Look at this mess!!!!

Alisa: Well, this room could use a little work, but there is no need to let it bring you down. Just take a deep breath and calm down. Peace, baby, peace.

Mindy: I donít know what you have been smoking, but how am I supposed to find peace in the middle of this war zone?

Alisa: You know, there are a lot of places in our lives that are like war zones, but God is still there. He gives us the gear to get through those times of chaos. I wear these boots to help remind me that God will give us what we need to enter into any battle. And do you know the most important thing that He gives us in the battle?

Mindy: I hope itís a Merry Maid to clean this place up!

Alisa: No, itís something that you can use anytime, anywhere. Itís Peace, baby, Peace. Do you wanna try my boots on and see how they fit?

Mindy: No thanks, I have worn these shoes for a long time and they have gotten me through just fine. I have had them for years.

Alisa: Maybe, thatís the problem. See ya-(Alisa walks out)

Mindy continues to grumble and starts to pick things up.

Another knock at the door.

Mindy: Oh, for crying out loud! Now what?? Donít people know how busy I am?! Come inÖI guess.

Debbi enters with a big smile on her face. She is carrying her Bible and is looking very cheerful.

Debbi: Oh my goodness! What a busy day I have had!

Mindy: If your day was so busy, then why did you come over here? And more importantly, why do you have that stupid smile plastered on your face?

Debbi: (still smiling) Because I thought maybe you could use a little encouragement. And I know that even in the midst of my schedule, it is still a good day!

Mindy: The only good thing about my day is the end of it!

Debbi: Oh Mindy, how can you say that? God has blessed your life with all of this! (motions around)

Mindy: (incredulous) Blessed Me??!! Blessed Me??!! (holding up a "dirty" cereal bowl and looking upward) Oh, thank you God for this crusty, chipped cereal bowl. (looking at Debbi) He has blessed me all right-blessed me with this mess!

Debbi: I am sorry that you feel that way, but God wants you to look for the goodness in all areas of life. I know that when I feel overwhelmed and I have too much to do-I put on my flip flops and live the good life! Do you want to try them on?

Mindy: I donít really like flip flops. I always feel too exposed. I like my own shoes. They fit me and they cover my feet. I just canít see anything good about a life that is always too full to breathe!

Debbi: Maybe it is time to let those toes see the light. And maybe it is time to let your heart see the light of goodness too. Bye-have a good night!

Mindy: (looking thoughtful at her feet and a slight smile on her face) Oh, yeahÖyou too.

Mindy is sitting at the table. There is a knock on the door again.

This time Mindy just sits and shakes her head.

Mindy: Come in and bring it on!

Nicole enters wearing a "business-like" attire and heels. She is carrying a Bible.

Nicole: Hey, whatís going on? Are you ready to go?

Mindy: What?? Go where??

Nicole: Remember, I told you that after I got off work I would come and pick you up for Bible study?

Mindy: Oh, I totally forgot! I have just had a horrible day and I just donít think I can handle that on top of everything else right now!

Nicole: Mindy, donít you know that putting God first will help everything else not seem so overwhelming?

Mindy: That is easy for you to say-you have the perfect life!

Nicole: My life is far from perfect! I just choose to not let the things that happen in my life dictate how I live!

Mindy: Well, just look at you! You are so put together, with heels and everything!!!

Nicole: You know I couldnít always wear high heels, it took me a long time to realize that it was all about balance. The only way that I can even begin to balance anything in my life is to give it all to God.

Mindy: Well, I really donít need another thing on my to do list. Iím sorry, but I just need to stay home and try to clean up some of this mess. I canít make it to Bible study tonight.

Nicole: Thatís ok. Why donít you let me help you and you can sit down and try on these heels, they really are not that bad?

Mindy: No way! I am not going to try those things on! I am perfectly comfortable in my own shoes and on my two feet. I donít need anyoneís help.

Nicole: Mindy, I know how you feel. Just remember this-"Do not give up. Our physical body is older and weaker, but our spirit inside us is made new everyday." Thatís from 2nd Corinthians. I hope that you get to the point where you will take off the old and let God make you new. Bye-I have to get to the church.

Nicole leaves and Mindy starts to clean. She is very angry!

Mindy: I have just about had it with everyone telling me what to do with my life! I know what works! I donít have time for God right now-I still love Him and he knows that. I just need to do this on my own.

Mindy continues cleaning and all of the sudden all three "friends" burst into the room.

Alisa: (speaking in a calm voice) Ok, now Mindy, we brought you something we want you to try.

Mindy: Unless it is a new cleaning product, I am not interested. What do you three want now?

Debbi: Mindy, we know that you have been having a rough time of it, but we think that it is time to stop and see how good it can be.

Nicole: Yeah, we prayed about it and we have just the thing.(Nicole takes out a pair of fuzzy slippers from a bag that she is holding)

Mindy: What are those?

Alisa: Now, just take it easy. You will feel so much better with these comfy shoes on.

Debbi: Yeah, these are so soft and furry. Do you wanna touch them?

Mindy: NO, I do not want to touch them and I definitely do not want to wear them!!

Nicole: All right girls, it is shoe intervention time!

All three friends try and hold Mindy down to put the slippers on her feet. There is a struggle and much resistance from Mindy.

Mindy: No, donít take my shoes off. I need them. They have always been there for me. I am scared to let my old life go!

Nicole: We know it is hard, but just trust us. Trust God.

Finally they get the slippers on her feet. Mindy stands up with a big smile on her face.

Mindy: (speaking in a gentler tone) Hey, these donít feel so bad. I really feel like I could get used to these slippers. They are so comfortable, but they are new.

Nicole: Mindy, that is just like our walk with God. He gives us peace by giving us the boots we need to walk through lifeís battles. He gives us the feeling of goodness that comes from all of the blessings in our lives, even while wearing flip flops. He gives us stability when we are faithful to him, no matter if you can walk in high heel shoes or not. But, more importantly He is gentle with us, so that we can share his gentleness with others, like a pair of warm, fuzzy slippers.

Mindy: I guess the answer to my mess was in front of me all along. I am going to wear these slippers often and try to remember to be gentler on others and myself.

Debbi: That is all that God asks of us. Just to try. Wanna go to that Bible study now?

Mindy: Sounds good to me. You donít think they will mind if I wear these slippers, do you? They donít really go with what I am wearing. They seem like an odd accessory.

Alisa: I donít think they will mind at all. Just walk with a Gentle step, a Peaceful spirit, a heart filled with Goodness and Faithfulness as your guide and you will have all the accessories you need. Like they say, If the shoe fitsÖwear it!

All friends walk out.

The End